Which Are The Most Popular Retro PC Games Available In The Market

When video gaming on PC was in trend (mid-1970’s), that was the time retro PC game were introduced in the market. In place of disks, retro games use cartridges that make them more durable than modern games.

There are several types of top back in time retro games available for sale at prominent retailers such as electronics stores, video game stores and department stores. Online shopping websites are also the great option to buy these games at reasonable prices.

Duke Nukem Three dimensional

This game is a futuristic edition of Los Angeles. It depicts the exploits of Duke Nukem in a three-dimensional form. There are several numbers of weapons used at the disposal of the Duke, some of them being machine guns, grenades, shotguns, and laser mines.

You will find battles happening on the streets, warehouses, on the moon and movie theaters throughout the game. A maximum of four players can play this game.

The Longest Journey

This game was launched on the market in the year 1999. It is called as the point and click adventure game. The longest journey is regarded as the deepest and longest adventure game that has ever been made. This game consists of some asinine puzzles.

Star Wars Knights (Old Republic)

If you have been fond of the popular movie “Star Wars” and its cartoon series, then you would definitely find this game amazing. It is a kind of role-playing game where players can take the role of a character “Jedi Knight” and can select to follow either a fight with the enemies of the Dark Side or opt for alight side path. This game is designed to be a single-player game.

The Secret of Monkey Island

This fun filled game with great sense of humor was released in 1990. Children are sure going to love this game. To relive the fun moments, you can easily download the Special Edition of this game for Mac, iPad or PC. You will be provided with the facility to switch between the original version or hand-drawn reimagined form of this game.

Whether you are on holiday or looking out for an awesome weekend game, retro games offer a detailed and rich gaming experience that can easily be set in any setting, time, and situation. If you do not have a retro game, then get one for yourself today!