What is the Best Instagram bot Since Instagress?

Good question, Instagress was one of the most popular bots due to its low price and it’s crazy effectiveness so Instagram had to put a halt to that and then one day, Instagress stopped working and everyone went in full panic mode as where each post received hundreds or thousands of likes they all of a sudden hardly received any engagement at all.

People that had been selling sponsored posts were being labeled as rip-off artist as it was clear they used a bot to fake all their engagement and soon they started to lose followers by the fleet.

Luckily a whole range of other services has popped up and they are all battling to be the best next thing since Instagress died, which results in some very healthy competition and most services run in stealth-mode so that they stay undetectable.

If you want to read more about a number of those new bots & growth services I got something for you.

Instagress Alternatives: What are the options in 2018?

I just had a quick look myself and it appears they are reviewing the top 7 most popular bots since Instagress, which includes:

  • Social Steeze, which is imo the absolute winner
  • Follow Adder, another great bot to gain more followers
  • Like Social, once you have a lot of followers you need likes.
  • Rise Social, I’m a little less familiar with this one.
  • FollowingLike, pretty much the best of both worlds.
  • Instato, sorry first time I heard about this one.
  • Jarvee, gaining big time in popularity as of late.

Although most of these bots are strictly for use at Instagram only I do believe Jarvee has a number of other platforms that they can work on so that alone makes it worth it to take a look into it.

Social Steeze, on the other hand, is more like a growth service where they assign you a dedicated manager that runs your account on your behalf, especially useful for people that don’t like to fuzz around with all kind of settings and options while at the same time trying to stay under the radar.

So yeah, although there’s no more Instagress you don’t really have much to worry about as there are some truly excellent choices that do a much better job and that are able to keep doing this job forever, with an active development community they will always follow the latest changes Instagram makes to stop these services from working so you have little to worry about.