Types of solicitor

A solicitor is a legal practitioner who deals with the client directly and gives legal advice. A solicitor deals with legal matters outside the court of law, which makes them different from a lawyer. A solicitor prepares a legal document for lawyers. However, there are different types of solicitor we have and it is important to know each one of them and their job to know the ones that suit your need.

Personal Injury solicitor

This type deals with their client in the process of seeking compensation for injuries that occur to them. A personal injury solicitor helps to file a claim for injuries that occur in the workplace, public locations and so on. Personal injuries include exposure of workers to unhealthy condition, slipping in a supermarket or public place and more. If you are having this type of injury you can contact a personal injury solicitor for help.

Legal aid Solicitor

A legal aid solicitor is the types who provide free or discounted legal aids to people who are in need of a solicitor but cannot afford their pay. The legal aid solicitors are there to provide services for the less privileged people who want to fight for their right. This type was created in the interest of human right and to bridge the gap between the wealthy and the poor in the face of justice

Employment Solicitor

As it name implies, is the type that gives advice to both the employers and employees. They can make peace, draw up an agreement, and settle quarrels between the employers and employees. However, in part of the employer, they can gives advice about their right, deal with harassment such as bullying, sexual harassment and more.

Divorce Solicitor

A divorce solicitor is an expert in the aspect of the matrimonial law. They deal with the couple who wants to annul their marriage. They prepare divorce documents, give advice or provide agreements concerning the breaking down of marriage including the ones involving children and asset. However, there are many disagreements concerning taking care of children and properties but with the help of a divorce solicitor, they can settle them. Therefore, you can click on the link provided if you are in need of professional divorce solicitors.

Immigration Solicitor

They deal with the movement of people from one place to another. They are specialists who can advise you on the laws governing migration and the types of document you need when you are seeking to live in another country. They can also serve as mediators for the migrant who encounter a problem in the country they are.

These are the solicitor we have and if you are in need of their job, you can contact any of them.