Super Effective Ways to Extend your Instagram Reach

The more the reach you have on Instagram, the more the eyes that get to notice your brand and its content. Sure, this doesn’t sound like anything special, right? It sure doesn’t, until you try to do the actual job of boosting your reach. Still, it doesn’t have to be if you follow these tips.

Social Steeze

Never heard of Social Steeze? Well, this is an Instagram growth service.  How can it help you increase your reach? For starters, the company promises, among other things to get you, organic followers. By extension, this means it the service enables you to cement your presence on the platform. Visit read more about Social Steeze and how they can help you reach more people with your content.

Cross Promote your Content

This is another simple way to increase your reach. And the beauty of it is that Instagram gives you the option to upload your content on other networks such as Twitter and Facebook automatically. The only thing to have in mind here is that you shouldn’t cross-post everything. And, while you have the freedom to choose where you will cross-post your content, you should not forget to do it on Pinterest because of the platform’s “evergreen” status.

Experiment with Trending Hashtags

Unless you’re new on Instagram, you know that hashtags are efficient at driving people to your feed. See, tags make your content searchable. It, therefore, makes perfect sense to keep experimenting with a variety of hashtags instead of relying on the same one time and again.  Consider time-sensitive and niche specific tags to gauge which ones work better for you. Plus, you can always use new hashtags to introduce new followers to your brand without putting in a lot of effort.


The launch of IGTV is, without doubt, a game changer. And, because Instagram is a place of visuals,  you need to hop onto the bandwagon as soon as possible.  Even though it is its early stages, you can use to market your content especially when you consider that the platform allows links and heavy tagging.

The Bottom Line

Instagram is fast becoming a super platform for any brand that wants to get noticed. The secret, however, lies in knowing what to do, how to do it and when to do it. Keep learning and honing your game to stand out.