Reasons Why Your Thermostat Might not be getting to its set temperature

During the winter season, most people do need to warm their houses. However, there are times when your thermostat might not be in a position to get to its set temperature. It can be a big issue since you might have to endure the cold until such a time when you will fix it.  When your thermostat does not get to its set temperature, it means that it might be having some issues.

Here are some of the main problems that can be affecting your thermostat when it is not getting to its set temperature.

Thermostat size

It is vital that before you first check if you are using the right type of thermostat before assuming it has technical issues.

Some people use a thermostat, which is small for their house.  When you use a small thermostat, it will be forced to work overtime and will not get to the set temperature as it has not been designed to cover a big house.

There are thermostats which are also too big for your house. It will be forced to work fast increasing the temperature of your home within a short period.

Broken Thermostat

There are possibilities that your thermostat might be broken. When broken, there are high chances the set temperature it will be showing on the screen might be lower or even higher than the actual set temperature.

In case your thermostat has programmable features, then there are times when it can be switching itself off at inappropriate times.

Dysfunction of the Fan

The last possibility might be the fan not working well. The relationship between the furnace and the fan is essential. You need to check it whenever you are checking if your thermostat is working well or not. The fan that is responsible for pumping warm air can be doing so even after you turn off the house furnace. When not keen on this issue, your thermostat might easily get harmed depending on the usage and severity of the issue at hand. It is because the fan might get switched off 2-3 minutes after turning off the furnace.


Getting the right thermostat is essential if you want a smooth experience in your home. You may not be the techy type and you may not even know where to start. You can go here and get buying guides and reviews that are very essential when it comes to purchasing functional thermostats.