Is it Advisable to Sharpen Your Food Processor’s Blade?

You have to do routine maintenance on any kitchen appliance to continue enjoying its usability whether it’s sharpening your kitchen knives or cleaning your coffee maker. But, when it comes to a food processor, things are a little different.

Sure, you have to clean your processor after use but what about the cutting blades? Do you need to sharpen them? Better yet do you have to replace them once in a while to ensure that you get the most out of your machine? We take a closer look.

You Don’t Have to Replace the Blades

By design, a food processor’s blades will last for years, and that means that there’s no need for replacement. However, some instances may force you to get a new set of blades such as when they get damaged.

Even then, you should know when to change the blade and when to buy a new food processor all together. If your machine is old or broken, it may not make much sense getting an alternative pair of blades. That said, if you’re scouting for a food processor, visit to view one of the most sought after and powerful models on the market.

Cleaning the Blades

As stated, all you have to do to your food processor’s blades to keep them in a good working condition is to ensure that you clean them properly. Rinse them in warm, soapy water soon after using your machine. The last thing you want is for the food residue to stick to the blades as it makes cleaning a lot harder.

Never use a dishwasher (even when the owner’s manual says so) for cleaning. If you have to put the blades in a dishwasher, make sure that you tuck them in the top rack. Also, avoid using harsh detergent or abrasive cleaners and don’t forget to wear hand gloves.

One more thing, ensure that that you put the blades back into position correctly. If you’ve never detached your processor before, refer to the user’s guide on how to assemble the parts.

The Bottom Line

A food processor is a revolutionary kitchen appliance to own. High-end models come with a lofty price tag, so it makes perfect sense to ensure that the machine is in the best possible shape. Even if you didn’t pay that much for your unit, you still want it to serve you for years so you’d better starting cleaning those blades!