Involving Children in Mission

If you thought that God uses only adults to accomplish his missions, then you should know that your young daughter or son could be an agent for work. Against this backdrop, many churches initiate children activities that enable them to participate in mission activities within and outside the church. Take for example, community service. Young children, when mobilized well can take part in various community projects to create meaningful change. They can preach to young people of their age, participate in community development activities such as drama, choirs, and home visitation.

You can learn more on how to involve your child in mission from reliable publications such as Aim Lower Journal. With the awareness of child mission in mind, you can start planning how to take your child on a camping exercise where he or she can join like-minded children to participate in spiritual and community activities. You can be amazed at how young children can conduct an unbelievable campaign. Here are some of the benefits of camping for children, especially for children. Find out more here.

Fresh air: chose a place with plush vegetation and many trees, which purify the air. Especially if you go camping around valleys or places with many trees, you can breathe in fresh air purified by the trees along the river. With enough oxygen to breathe in, you can reenergize your physical and mental faculties to take up greater and more important tasks after camping.

Socialization: Camping alone can be fun and enjoyable. However, to improve your social relationship you can spice the activity by going with a friend or a member of your family. Facilities for camping are good enough to accommodate even a family of eight. Improved social relationship is good for your health and that of your child.

Your mood will improve: Many camp goers can confess that the activity improves their moods. In a free space in contact with nature, your brain relaxes, giving an upsurge to your moods. Positive mood results in positive thinking, which is ideal for your self-development.

Camping leads to minimized stress: With improved flow of oxygen into your brain, you are likely to experience less or no stress during camping. As your mood improves toward the positive, so does your level of stress fall, which is good for your health.

Exercise: Camping puts you to various tasks to exercise your physical body. You start by pitching up your tent some distance from the river, canoeing, or kayaking along the River, and engage in other activities that boost your physical health.

Adequate sleep: After a full day of outdoor activities, you are likely to get a good nap at night. A good night’s sleep is good for your health as it allows the muscles to rebuild and refresh for the next day.