How to Extend your Retro Console’s Durability

You have to take good care of your classic gaming console if you want it to serve you for long. And, it’s not that hard if you stick to the basics. Here’s how to do it;

Store your Console Correctly

How you keep your console determines its durability. For instance, you cannot expose your gaming system to heat and expect that it will last. Whenever possible, avoid using your unit under direct sunlight or smoking near it. The last thing that you want to do is to clog your system’s airflow since it will result in accumulation of dust.

And without adequate ventilation, you can bet that your system will overheat when playing. Also, use a blower once in a while to keep the fan and components free of dust. In the same breath, avoid placing your console on a cold surface to prevent the warping of parts.

Be Careful with the Wires

Of course, one distinguishing feature of retro consoles is the cables. You should manage the wires to ensure that they never get mixed up. You also need to know which cable to connect to which port to avoid jamming the system.

Sure, wires can be hectic to deal with. However, you can opt for consoles with a minimalist design to eliminate the stress of having to sort out the cables every time you want to play. Visit RetroPool to have a look at a controller that will keep you in charge of the game while removing the stress that comes with handling many cables.

Take Care of your Games

Retro consoles, just like modern ones tend to attract lots of dirt. So, be sure to wipe the cartridges and the discs. Never make the common mistake of using a cloth to wipe your consoles. Instead, use isopropyl, an alcohol-based formula that will leave your CDS clean without damaging them.

Also, clean the crevices and nooks on the console’s housing. It is worth noting that this doesn’t necessarily mean using a wet piece of cloth. Use a toothpick to get rid of any dust deposits along the crevices. Be careful, however, not to use a lot of force.

Other precautionary measures you need to take to increase your retro gaming system’s longevity include unplugging the cables before you clean. Also, make sure that you don’t store your console anywhere near magnetic objects. That way, you will prevent any damage that may occur to the storage of hard disk.