Have A Look At The Story Of Origin Of Our Modern Corkscrew

Nowadays, most of the wine bottles are generally sealed by flexible corks. However, it is quite difficult to take out those corks, particularly when these are completely inserted into some rigid glass-made wine container. For this reason, corkscrew is highly essential in order to have the scrumptious wine from sealed bottle. It is quite impractical when you try to open the bottle with no corkscrew. Those, who have already attempted to do so by using knife, know the real difficulty. The website of popacork.net provides you with the review of various wine openers and you can read them before buying one.

What is the major function of any corkscrew?

The look of corkscrew resembles a barbed metallic helix that may also be termed as worm, fitted with a handle. As a user, you have to only grasp its knob and slowly rotate the point with cork. The main role of any corkscrew or wine bottle opener is to drag the corks from the bottle. It is integrated with two segments. The sharp metal-made screw or bolt is a piece, which should be penetrated into cork. Levers and handles are also attached with the system, which allows you to pull out the cork with no of harming it. It will cause a sound of popping the cork. You may store this cost at some place in order to reseal the bottle, which contains the remaining part of wine. You may also apply a different wine bottle sealer.

How corkscrew was made originally

There are various opinions about how the corkscrews had been invented. Most of the experts agree to the fact that these systems have been first created with efforts of the English. The English were trying to get some options for opening the wine or beer bottles. When it was 1600’s, wine containers were sealed with the use of corks, just like the bottles of present day. The English attempted to uncork it by some screws, and from that time, a model of corkscrew was designed for more convenience.

Some experts have also brought the reference of gun worm, while talking about the design of corkscrew. Later, with the expansion of market, the model of screws has been transformed. The manufacturers have also tried to give the best experience from their favorite wine.

So, as a wine enthusiast, it is good to know about this brief history, related to the wine bottle opening unit- corkscrew.