Basics of Plasma Cutting To Make Your Job Easier and Efficient

Are you a DIY person? If so, you will sure be aware of the importance of knowing the basics and the techniques of all DIY jobs to get the best results. Plasma cutting is no exception to this. Are you involved in a new project that needs higher volume of cutting? If so, plasma cutting is the best option. It is a wonderful replacement for your old saw.

Plasma cutting – what is it?

It is a process, by which you can cut electrically conductive materials like steel, aluminium, copper, stainless steel and brass etc. High velocity ionized gas delivered from an orifice is used for cutting. While oxyfuel cutting cannot be used for non ferrous metals, plasma cutting is helpful in cutting non ferrous metals.

All DIY projects should be done with a lot of care to avoid undesired dangers.

  • Make sure you wear thick gloves to protect you from the very high temperature.
  • Wear goggles to protect your eyes.
  • Wear ear muffs if you are cutting a large section.
  • Read the user manual thoroughly.

What are the factors to be considered before buying a plasma cutter?

  1. Thickness of the metal that you cut frequently is the first factor to be considered. Materials with low thickness need plasma cutters with thick amperage.
  2. Quality of the plasma cutting is important. The quality of cutting should be tested before buying.
  3. Are you planning to move the plasma cutter often? If so, you should look for a cutter with portability feature.
  4. You should look for the perfect safety features. The Nozzle In Place sensor is the important safety feature to look for.
  5. What is your cutting speed? What speed do you desire? Do you want to go for long cutting without taking any break? If so, you should go for plasma cutting machines with high duty speed.
  6. Look for a machine with user friendly features. It should be easy to use and comfortable to operate.

Tips to follow while cutting?

  • You should support your cutting hand with the other hand.
  • Set the right amperage.
  • Decrease the speed if sparks start to shoot.
  • You should slide the tip towards the edge to make sure that the cut is clean.

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